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Savannah shot a pilot for Like Father Films new digital series, "Kicks and Losers" last spring. As of January 6th, 2020, part one of the episode will be available to watch on YouTube! Be sure to check it out!

Savannah's 2020 is off to a great start! She will be joining Feld Entertainment's Monster Jam East Coast Tour as a character/ greeter this winter and spring! Cities and dates TBA.

Savannah continues to have a spooktacular October! Last week she was cast in"It's Alive," the world's first live interactive haunted house hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. It aired on Facebook watch, sponsored by Reese's. She had a blast and was so thankful to act in such a unique and fun project!

"Lillith" WON "Best Feature Film" at the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival! Savannah is beyond honored to have played the title role in horror comedy feature film!

"Lillith" is rocking the festival circuit! It is now an official selection

at The Halloween Horror Picture Show. Check out ritterhausproductions.com/lillith for upcoming screenings near you.

MAJOR BOOKING! Savannah booked a guest star role on an ABC pilot! She can't say much for now, but it is a spin off of a long running and popular ABC show! Stay tuned for more updates!

Savannah booked and shot a LabFinder  commercial last week as a principal speaking role!

Another booking! Savannah will be playing a huge role in an upcoming feature film, Norma's Sun. She is excited to begin shooting later this year.

Savannah is so thankful to have booked a LEAD in an upcoming digital series from an award winning director. Production begins in May. Stay tuned for more updates about the first season of this exciting project!


After lots of hard work, Savannah is thrilled to officially have become eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild!

Savannah BOOKED her second commercial this month! She is excited to shoot a New Jersey Lottery ad!

Savannah BOOKED and SHOT a commercial for a major cable company! The ad will be released in late summer 2019.

"Bottom Feeders" is now an official selection for the Creation International Film Festival! Savannah loved playing the lead in this film.

Savannah is honored to have been featured in an issue of Backstage Magazine for her film work in NYC. Click the image below to read the full article.


Savannah will be performing in one of the most colorful, musical experiences NYC has to offer! NBC Universal has teamed up with Dreamworks and Feld Entertainment to present "Trolls: The Experience" in the heart of NYC! This magical interactive exhibition opens November 15th, and tickets are on sale now!

"Bottom Feeders" has wrapped, and Savannah has some super cool stills! She had a blast playing the lead in this amazing film. Coming soon!

Savannah booked the LEAD in upcoming horror film, "Bottom Feeders!" Production will begin in August.

-The first Lillith teaser poster is here! Yep, that's Savannah at the bottom! She had a blast leading this feature film as the TITLE role! This horror comedy creature feature is coming out later this year! Stay tuned!

-New Representation! Savannah is now freelancing with Stefanie Talent & Entertainment!

-Savannah has been cast as TBTV Adventure's new host and voiceover actress! This children's web series has over 260,000 subscribers worldwide, and it's most popular video has over 7 MILLION views! Be sure to tune in!

-Savannah is thrilled to have been admitted into Scott Freeman's nationally recognized acting studio!

-Savannah is so honored to have joined Matthew Newton's highly esteemed on-camera acting studio! This month, she's training with lovely TV talent and acting coach Dena Tyler (of CBS's Bull, Orange is The New Black, Homeland and more)

- Right before the holidays, Savannah wrapped a female-driven short film, "The Cosmic Conundrum of Cathy Clark," playing a LEAD! The film is currently in post production.

-Savannah spent a large portion of the fall filming SAG horror/comedy feature film"Lillith," in which she leads as the fiercely dynamic TITLE role! The movie is currently in post production, check out the IMdb page for updates:

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